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Sep 13, 2007

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About a year ago Kevin Potts contacted me about a book he was writing for Friends of Ed about web design for businesses, asking if I’d be the technical reviewer. Many months and edits later, the book is now out, on the shelves. Woo! The complete title is Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites.

This book isn’t just about web design. It’s also not just about marketing or technology or usability. It’s pretty much the complete package. I recommend this book to anybody wanting a thorough (400 pages!) introduction to corporate web design. I may not hand this to someone looking for books with nice concise titles. Yikes. But alas, I was just the technical editor, and they didn’t consult me on the title anyway.

Seriously though, there’s a ton of good stuff here. After reading this you will definitely be the resident expert on corporate web design. If you’re already a web design ninja, I’d still recommend scanning the chapter headings to see if there’s some stuff there that you need to get a handle on or need brushing up.

Many years ago, I had kind of fallen into the job of web guru for a non-profit organization. I didn’t know it at the time, but I did not know what I was doing. This would have been the perfect book for me. We weren’t a “business” selling a “product”, but nearly all the same principles of site development still apply, and this would have been a very enlightening book at the time.

I’m not sure I really need to sell you on this. If you need a book like this, you probably already know, if you don’t need it, then you probably didn’t make it this far. So, check out the book if you like (That’s an Amazon affiliate link. If you buy a thousand copies of it, or anything else, after clicking on that link, you’ll make me “rich”. )

Mucho thanks to Kevin for bringing me on, and thanks to Apress/Friends of Ed for publishing the book.

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