Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren


Me and my son Jimmy, walking through the woods

Brian is a noted multi-disciplinary designer with over 15 years of design experience.

For several years Brian ran his own agency, Be Good Not Bad, in Denver, Colorado where he worked with clients large and small, including The MacArthur Foundation, They Might Be Giants, Mozilla, and Beatport. In 2009 Brian joined Happy Cog as Senior Designer, and is now at Amazon in sunny Seattle.

Brian co-authored HTML5 & CSS3 Visual QuickStart Guide, 7th Edition (Peachpit Press, 2011) and has been the technical editor for two books: Handcrafted CSS (New Riders, 2009), and Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites (friends of ED, 2007). Brian also speaks at conferences and meetups, including Typecon, AIGA, Typecamp, and South by Southwest.

Brian helped build and launch Typedia, a community-driven shared encyclopedia of Typefaces. He has also written and guest edited for EE Insider, an official ExpressionEngine partner website.

Brian originally started his undergraduate study as a student of theology, but he eventually found his calling in design. After devouring books on typography, working in the university printing press, and running the yearbook staff, he graduated with a degree in graphic design.

When he is not sketching in his Field Notes, pushing pixels in Photoshop, or writing a bit of code; Brian can be found enjoying coffee, brewing his own beer, and hanging out with his family.

For more about Brian’s work, speaking, and books, check out the Work page.