The Daily Grind

Sep 19, 2006

"Shot of Coffee"

The daily grind has changed a bit here since quitting the day job. As you can imagine, some things are the same, and others are quite different.

The Old Grind

The old grind was characterized by being at the office most of the day. The office wasn’t bad. In fact, the people are great, and we had great coffee. One legacy I’ll leave at the day job is switching the house coffee from Starbucks to noticeably better, locally roasted beans. The only problem was that I had to be there eight hours a day. This left only my evenings and weekends for freelance work.

The New Grind

The new grind is much better. Ask me what I did this weekend… I went camping with my godson and his dad. We had a blast! Work? No, I didn’t do any of that.

I get to work all day, with few interruptions. The evenings and weekends? Well, I wont lie to you, they aren’t entirely work-free, but we are talking about huge improvements in this area. This is the best benefit of freelancing so far. Working from home has been interesting. I’m not completely sold on the idea. When the wifer is home, I’d much rather hang with her than work. And I don’t have an office where I can close the door and work undisturbed. Some days I’d like to get a studio that I can share with someone, and other days I love being here with just the dog and the nice view. I just don’t want to turn into a hermit.

"New Home Office Setup"

For now, I like the new grind and I’m going to stick with it. The benefits have been numerous and readily apparent. I’m still taking stock of how things have changed and what lies ahead. It’s been fun, I’ve been staying busy, and I hope to keep you informed as it goes.

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