Starting Now

Aug 24, 2006

"The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 year old scotch."

I’m sipping single malt on my porch as the sun sets. The cat is hunkered underneath the outdoor fireplace, and the dog is chewing noisily on a bone. Life seems to be moving slowly.

I’m not fooled. It’s just starting to speed up.

The scotch is a present from my wife. She’s congratulating me on quitting my job. Just a week ago I gave notice at the day job. It’s not something one does every day. In fact, I’ve worked there for over six years.

But it was time to go, and opportunities await. I am going to freelance, full time, doing web design and a little bit of podcasting. After six years at the day job, this could be a bit of a terrifying possibility. I mean, leaving your job without any guaranteed income? Are you crazy?

Maybe, but honestly, I have a lot of peace about this opportunity. I already have some great clients as well as some excellent prospects.

Originally, I had thought I might quit my job and work at a traditional design agency; however, the freelance stuff has just been pouring in too fast for me to really slow down enough to hunt down a normal job. So, I tell myself, why start now?

More and more designers these days are quitting their jobs. They are extremely successful outside the standard corporate architecture. Groups of designers will band together for a project or two, and go back to freelancing solo-style. It makes a ton of sense. It’s why we’re founding Method Arts (launching next month, yeah, I know I said that once before, but this time free beer will be involved).

Still, I have moments of being scared. I think it’s healthy. Often I think that’s a good spot to be in. I’ve always pushed myself to do things that require me to be in that spot. If I hear people tell me “man, that’s cool, but I could never do that,” then I feel right at home.

Thanks for both your excitement and support. I’m open for business.

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