Mar 21, 2006

Now that I’ve finally caught up on sleep from both SXSW, immediately followed by a bunch of late nights working on the redesign of this blog and a secret project (hopefully you’ll hear about that soon), I’ll do a quick wrap-up of SXSW.

The panels were fantastic, i especially enjoyed the Design Eye for the List Guy and How to Be a Web Design Superhero. The Jim Coudal and Jason Fried Keynote was extremely inspiring too. Monday night we went bowling and to a party put on by Lifehacker. Before bowling a bunch of us went to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. The food was ok, but the conversation was awesome. The party on the last night was ok, the only highlight for me being that I got to meet Craig (as in “list”).

I’m hooked. SXSW was a ton of fun and possibly the most valuable five days of my web designing career. That said, it’s a bit hard to put into words why. The panels were fantastic, chock-full of both inspiration and good information. More importantly, though, SXSW was the first time I’d really met people face-to-face who are just like me. These are my comrades, my cohorts, my evil twin brothers and my fellow crime fighters. Being around them, developing relationships, and having quality conversations with them was just as important to me as going to the panels.

So I left inspired and energized, that’s worth the price of entry alone.

I meant to include a picture here. Well, it turns out I took quite a few pictures, but very few of myself (I need to learn a tip or two from Rob). So, no picture for you! If you want to see some that I shot during the conference, browse around my Flickr photos from SXSW.

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