Returning to SXSW

Mar 08, 2007

"Austin Neon Sign"

I’d like to think that because I’m sitting down to write that life has slowed down a bit and I’m regularly taking relaxed breaths of fresh air. In reality, it’s the first week of March, which means designers around the world have been eluding the sleep monster while wrapping up as much client work as they can before heading to Austin for SXSW.

SXSW has a very special place in my heart. Last year was my first, and I went as an in-house designer who had aspirations of leaving the day job and maybe working at an agency or something fun like that. I had been there maybe 24 hours when I was already thinking about leaving the day job and pursuing the freelancing full-time.

I met a lot of great people, got very inspired, and had a lot of fun. Just a few short months later I had more freelance work than I could take, and had to quit the day job just to start getting my free time back. There hasn’t been a single day, week or month that I’ve regretted it.

This year, I get to experience it from the other side. It’s been an intense few weeks leading up to SXSW, with buying a house, moving, renting out the old house, and cramming in some client work too. I haven’t had a chance to really look at what what panels and parties are happening. I’m heading into Austin a day early, so I’ll have a bit of downtime to shoot some photos, look at the schedule and maybe get some extra sleep to catch up. If last year is any indication, I won’t be sleeping much in the next week. I better get started now.

If you are at SXSW and you see me, please say hello! It would be great to meet you or catch up if its been awhile.

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