Jan 07, 2010

I started 2009 extremely optimistic. It felt like the world was just out there, ready to be gotten. Looking back, I can say 2009, while surprising in many ways, was a fantastic year.

In a lot of ways, 2009 was a lot about rethinking. I found myself rethinking how to run my business, what my professional goals were, and also what my personal plans were. I had lots of new things come my way that I didn’t really plan on. I got to speak at three different events, edit a book, work on some of the most interesting and fun projects of my career, and watch my daughter turn 2 (I saw that one coming but wow, she’s changed a lot in a year.)

Look Dad! It's a cupcake! With a BEE ON IT!

There were some bigger things too:

In the first few months of the year, Be Good Not Bad grew a little bit as I brought Derek on to work part time. It was a welcome relief from the very busy workload, but it was a huge adjustment to my thinking in how to approach the business and interact with clients. Little did I know how everything was about to be much different.

The biggest change of the year, of course, came a few months later. In August, I accepted the job of Senior Designer/Developer at Happy Cog. Moving to Philadelphia has been both rewarding and challenging. The work at Happy Cog has been fun, and the people have made it especially awesome. I am also adjusting to more time spent home with the family, which is extra great.

One more surprise that came our way was finding out that we’re expecting another baby come June. This will be a big and wonderful adjustment. I think Bridget will make a delightful big sister.

These are big changes, but definitely good ones, and so I must say 2009 taught me to be ready to alter my routine a bit. On the heels of all these changes, I figured, why not change a bit more, and so I’m redesinging my site and trying out Tumblr as a tool for blogging. We will see how this goes.

I know lots of people had a pretty rough 2009, but I’m feeling as thankful as I ever have. I cannot wait to see what 2010 brings.

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