Our new home

May 13, 2004

Today, I went to the inspection of our new home, and it passed with flying colors! This house was built in 1912, yet there are surprisingly few things wrong with it. Pretty much the only thing we need to do is get a stopper for the bathtub and replace the water heater.

This house buying stuff invigorates and exhausts me. I wish Anna could be here for it, as that makes this harder. I took mucho pictures of the houses I was looking at, uploading them for her.

I fly back to Alaska at 7am tomorrow. I look forward to being home, while at the same time, leaving our new house behind.

A few details about our new house: It’s less than a mile from my office, has three bedrooms, one bathroom.

Garage, Yard, Fence: Check, Check, Check.

We close on the house June 15th, between now and then is paperwork and details.

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