Apr 01, 2007

At Be Good Not Bad, I’ve really wanted to strive to embrace the good. So, I’ve been considering a change. I’d like to make good logos, and good design. I think there’s a market out there for good things. Sure, there are plenty of great designers who can create great logos, but I think that if I make good logos, I can really fill a niche.

So, it’s in embracing the good, that I am going to change the name of Be Good Not Bad to GoodBits, and I’m presenting to you, my new logo. What do you think?

Update: I decided to change the design back to it’s old look. It’s more “me” and I miss the little coffee mug. I’ll leave this post up here for posterity and in case I need some inspiration. (psst: It’s a prank. Dozens of my colleagues did the same thing.)

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