Jan 11, 2008


On December 29th, Bridget Ruth made her big debut. Wow. Anna and I are just stunned. We love this little girl more than we’ve ever loved anything in our lives. She didn’t have to do anything to earn our love, she just showed up. If that’s not a pretty good example of a miracle, well, I’m not sure what is. It’s hard not to become just ridiculous optimists when a baby arrives. The sky seems bluer, the air fresher, the world awesome-r.

She’s definitely got me wrapped around her cute little fingers. I take tons of photos of our little girl, and my heart melts pretty much every time I look at her. I can’t believe I have a lifetime to get to know our little girl and be a key part of her life.

I think the world is going to be a better a place with Bridget in it. I know mine is.

I’ve posted a few photos so far, all here on Flickr, and a website where I’m posting links to videos and more fancy things over time, all at

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