Back from Seattle

Sep 21, 2006

"Photo from the Method Arts Event"

I just got back from Seattle and had a fantastic time up there. I just love hanging out with other web design folk. It’s just so refreshing. An Event Apart itself was great, but I’m used to a longer conference like SXSWi. When An Event Apart was over I was totally ready for another day. All of the talks were great; some of them had me laughing pretty hard. I loved seeing the personalities coming out.

I got into Seattle a couple days early to hang out with my sister and see the sights. Every time I go to Seattle, within a couple hours, I’m ready to pack up my stuff and move there. It’s a beautiful city with lots to see and do. Mark and I visited the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame on Saturday. You get to see tons of the cool gear from sci-fi history. The phasers from Star Trek, the cyborg arm from terminator, the embroidered (!) shirt Captain Kirk wore in the original series. Lots of geeky stuff. One thing we were continually amazed with was how crappy it all was. On the screen you can’t tell, but up close you can see how shoddily much of this stuff was built. It looked like someone stopped by a toys-r-us and a hardware store and hacked all this stuff together. We also went to Zoka to meet with a client and work. We loved it so much we went twice in the few days we were there.

Sunday night we had our pre-party. It was a great success! We got to talk with lots of fun people and give away plenty of beer and t-shirts. I’m already looking forward to throwing another party at the next event we get to go to. It was too fun to only do once.

We also launched our site, Method Arts, while up there. We spent most of Sunday before the party working on it. It was great to work with Mark side by side. We had lots of fun.

All this means things are just getting busier. It’s kind of weird though. You take some time off to relax and have fun with your peers, but it often leads to more work, making you busy and less able to take time off to play. Hmm.

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