Another Favorite: Six Point Brewery

Jun 18, 2012

Sixpoint Brewery

I remember the first time I had a good beer from a can. It was 2004, and I went by myself to a David Bazan show at the Bluebird in Denver, Colorado. For just $2.50 you could get a can of Old Chubb from Oskar Blues Brewing Company. I slowly sipped the Old Chubb, listening to Bazan’s lyrics meander around the room. That started a still-to-this-day love affair with everything Oskar Blues had to offer.

Oskar Blues went on to evangelize good beer in cans to breweries across the nation. When I visited the brewery several years ago, I met Dale (of Dale’s Pale Ale), and he handed me an Old Chubb, straight off the canning line (it didn’t even have the lid yet). At the time, another brewery from Hawaii was there, getting tips on how to run a canning line of their own. A couple years later, New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins started canning their Fat Tire, having consulted with Oskar Blues along the way. These days, it’s easy to find plenty of craft beer sold in cans, and breweries who do it are enjoying the benefits of cheaper shipping, longer shelf life, and more delicious beer as a result.

Sixpoint brewery from Brooklyn, NY, is just such a brewery. These guys make an great product, and they ship it in some of the finest looking cans I’ve seen to date. Their design aesthetic is spot on for the type of beer they are making. On top of that, they don’t put their cans in plastic rings, they ship them in boxes with more opportunity to showcase their excellent aesthetic.

Sixpoint’s attention to detail both in the fine quality of the beer and the remarkable design work they’re doing has secured these guys as one of my top favorite breweries.

For example, check out the short film Sixpoint made for Resin, their impeccably well-balanced double IPA. Watch out, it might make you thirsty.

Want to learn more about Sixpoint? Head over to their website and take a gander. To appreciate this brewery, I recommend finding a can of Resin, or any one of their other interesting and delicious offerings, such as Diesel, Sweet Action, or Bengali Tiger. Let me know if you do.

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