Web Type West

Jan 08, 2014

I’m super-excited to be speaking next month at Web Type West in Vancouver. Web Type West is put on by the admirable and energetic folks at Type Camp. These incredible folks put on type-related conferences and seminars all across the world, including India, Ireland, and Japan.

For this conference I’ll be speaking about, you guessed it, typography as it relates to the design & development process. I’m so honored to get to present in Vancouver this year alongside some really great folks, including my Butter Label cohorts, Luke Dorny & Grant Hutchinson.

Type Camp is February 1, 2014, in Vancouver, BC. The price is a bargain, especially if you’re a student, so register now. If I see you there, then you can ask me about that time I was robbed eleven years ago in Vancouver by a meth head who took my laptop and passport.

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