Be Good Not Bad

I’m one of those guys who grew up always drawing. In those personality surveys, they always told me I should be some sort of artist. Even as a child, I would look at that and say, “Yeah right, but you can't make a living as an artist.”

That’s exactly what I’m doing now. My passion for art and design only grew throughout the years. It’s grown to include web design, marketing and even some programming.

Whether it’s designing a site, rocking the CSS or brewing a batch of homemade beer, I do it with passion. Life is too short to not make opportunities to do what you enjoy. I’m a blessed person to be able to do just that. I enjoy design and helping people.

Brian Warren, the mug shot
“I can’t say I've ever had a design translate so precisely into CSS. Brian has an amazing eye for subtle detail, and a real commitment to preserving the original design.”
Mark Bixby
“May we have some of your blood for DNA testing? Clearly you are super-human or perhaps not human at all.”
Vincent Thome
“Business has been way up since you designed our site.”
Mary Ellen Summer