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Welcome to Be Good, Not Bad

Be Good Not Bad is a creative consultancy based in the Denver, Colorado area and founded by Brian Warren. I specialize in design solutions that make simplicity and value a top priority.

I also have a thing for words. Writing is a passion of mine and I enjoy solving problems with words. Check out the writing area for samples and information.

Examples of Work

I love designing for the web. I'm motivated and have high standards for quality. That's not marketing speak, that's who I am. If you are interested in the types of things I can do, then stop by the Services Area.


Dashboard Widgets are a fun way to build buzz about your brand while providing a handy tool to your users. See a few of the Widgets that i've created in the Widgets Section.

The Blog

Check out Watchtan, the Be Good Not Bad design blog.

Get In Touch

Give me a call at 303.997.2529, or send me an email via the contact form over in the Contact Me section.

What People are Saying

“Business has been way up since you designed our site.”


“Can we have some of your blood for DNA testing? Clearly you are super-human or perhaps not human at all.”


Beyond Widgets


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Mac RSS Readers

Ars Technica

DVD's and Family




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