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SXSW Update

by: Brian :: 7 days ago

So far, SXSW has been a true delight. But good gravy, it’s stinkin’ hot here. Did anybody inform the South that it’s still WINTER? Sheesh? I know the people who live here get used to it. I used to live in southern Louisiana, and I adapted to the miserable humidity and awful temperatures. But that’s the point, I adapted over time. Stepping off the plane and walking around downtown in 90°F weather is a shock.

I’ve been hanging out with Mark Bixby a lot, and that’s been a treat. He and I had some chinese food, and got along quite nicely. This was somewhat a result of his Free Starbucks at SXSW post. On a side note, he told me all the people who responded to his post wanted specifically asked to find a place other than Starbucks to hang out.

How to be a web design superhero The panels have been awesome (a nice change from my last conference, AIGA in Vancouver), but as most people know, that’s only half of SXSW. The evening events have been, for the most part, a blast. Moreso than the panels, they really illustrate how huge SXSW is. The Frogdesign party last night was packed and loud. There’s no sensation quite like standing in line with a bunch of sweaty bloggers. The South by Northwest party was, thankfully, a bit smaller and indoors.

More later, just wanted to let you know how I’m enjoying things here in the heat. It’s half over, which is surprising. Both in that it feels like I just got here, but it also feels like I’ve done so much.

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Off to SXSW

by: Brian :: 10 days ago

And I’m off to Austin, leaving my sick wife and goofy dog. Oh my poor heartstrings. Hope to see you there.

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Anna, Flickr and Blingo

by: Brian :: 14 days ago

Anna got it into her head that she wanted to start using Flickr a bit more and so I helped her out by adding a little flickr strip to her blog showing you the three most recent photos she has uploaded. I also showed her a cool extension to iPhoto that just lets you export straight to Flickr.

So, now she’s out of control.

Flickr photo of anna's seedlings Speaking of out of control, check out these seedlings that she planted a month ago.

Lastly, check out Blingo. I say this because I wouldn’t lead you astray; it’s neat. Blingo is a search engine based on Google, so the results are quality. But every time you search, you randomly enter to win some sort of prize. Tonight, I was searching for “Mutt”, and instead of the results I got a message telling me I won a movie ticket. Neat! When I filled out my claim form, I chose to get an iTunes gift certificate instead of a movie ticket, since Lent just started and I’m cutting back on the movies.

Added bonus: Blingo has a “Friends” program that is kind of snazzy. If you sign up as a friend of me and win something, then I win it too. If I win something, like I did today, Greg, the gent who I signed up as a friend of, wins the same thing as well. To sign up as my friend, go here. Not interested, no biggie. I’m just trying to spread the love.

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Fired Up

by: Brian :: 17 days ago

A little over a month ago we got it into our collective head that it would be a good idea to have an outdoor fireplace. We don’t have any indoor fireplaces that I know of, so we decided to go ahead and put one outside. If you have ever been to Colorado during the Summer, Spring or Fall, then you know it’s wonderful to spend time outside, especially in the evenings. We bought one from Amazon (that’s right, free shipping on a 43 lb fireplace). Porch Extension Project 2 Anna put it together and soon we had an excellent-looking fireplace, but only a grassy yard on which to put it.

So, we dug out a 6’x12’ portion of the yard and put some paving stones down. This took less time than I thought it would, but still made for some sore backs. Tonight we lit our first fire and I’d say it was a fantastic success.

In other news, I leave for SXSW in a week. If you’re going or happen to live in Austin area, shoot me an email and we can hang out. I have some fun stuff planned, including recording another podcast with James at Basic Brewing Radio since we’ll both be down there. Lots of events and parties to attend, so it should be very busy and very fun. Expect some pictures and the like.

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by: Brian :: 21 days ago

There is an interesting new payment system on the block, and it’s called TextPayMe. It’s a bit like PayPal, but instead of sending money to someone’s email address, you just send it via SMS text messages on your cell phone to someone’s cell number.

Let’s say you’re eating dinner out with your friend Jimbo, and you want to split the bill. Jimbo pays the bill, and you send Jimbo your half via TextPayMe. Kinda interesting no?

Sign up now, using the following link, and you get $5 in your TextPayMe account, and you help me win an Xbox 360. It’s that easy: Sign up here.

I remember back years ago when PayPal was giving out $5 for each sign up too. Good times, good times.

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Basic Brewing Radio Interview

by: Brian :: 24 days ago

A couple weeks ago, Anna and I got to go to the International Mead Festival as correspondents for Basic Brewing Radio, a podcast all about homebrewing. We interviewed several professional mead makers, tasted a lot of mead, and had an all-around fun time. I have got to tell you, I’m totally fired up about mead now. Mead, basically fermented honey, is the oldest fermented beverage in the history of humankind.

Also, about a week ago I spent some time talking with James Spencer, the host of Basic Brewing. Today, the whole show goes live, and even if you’re not a homebrewer or mead maker, you might enjoy the show. If you have any interest in mead or want to know about the people behind the scenes, you should check it out.

The four people we interviewed were:

Dr. Garth Cambray a brilliant meadmaker from South Africa who is a big innovator in the mead world. He built a fermentation system that is unlike any other in the world of mead. He’s a fascinating guy.

Michael Faul from Rabbit’s Foot Meadery. A true success story for those who would wish to go commercial with their mead.

Mark Beran from Medovina is a class act for those who love mead and would like to share it with others. His is a little operation, but he likes it that way and really enjoys making mead.

Vincent Carlson from Adytum cellars in Washington state. This guy is a hoot to talk with, and he’s really passionate about honey and mead. A great storyteller.

So, what you really want to know, is how can you listen to the show. Well, I’ll include some links below. Word of warning, there is a fair amount of info leading up to the interviews, so if all you care about is hearing the sultry sounds of my voice, skip to 4:35 (4 minutes, 35 seconds) to get to the part where I get introduced. Enjoy!

To check out this show via iTunes, go here: Basic Brewing Radio in iTunes

To just download the MP3, go here Basic Brewing Meadfest MP3

Thanks for listening, and please, leave some feedback here in the comments, if you do.

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by: Brian :: 30 days ago


Brrrr…. originally uploaded to flickr by Mr. Warren.

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Trying Ma.gnolia

by: Brian :: 31 days ago

I’m playing around with a new website called Ma.gnolia. It’s kinda like, but maybe a little more “social” in how it works. Also, the website has a beautiful design (done by Happy Cog).

I’m using Ma.gnolia for my “browsing..” links, so if you subscribed to my RSS feed for my links, you’ll need to update the feed to be

To see via a regular ol’ browser what I’m linking to in Ma.gnolia, just go here.

Lots of people are already using Ma.gnolia, including NPR’s All Things Considered, so I suggest you browse around there, it’s pretty interesting to see what other people find interesting. Hee hee.

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New ComputorEdge Article on Mac Apps

by: Brian :: 33 days ago

A new article I wrote is online at ComputorEdge. I republished it on my website at Be Good, Not Bad, you can see it here. It’s all about a few Mac applications everybody should check out. (If you prefer to see the article on ComputorEdge’s site, by all means)

I also noticed that ComputorEdge now has RSS feeds (how fancy!). I’d like to think I’m pretty much single-handedly responsible, since a few months ago, I wrote, for ComputorEdge, a column all about RSS and Newsreaders.

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by: Brian :: 33 days ago

We watched Murderball the other day. Fantastic movie. I expected to like it and was still impressed beyond expectations. Definitely check it out.

Murderball is the original name for paraplegic rugby, and the documentary follows these rugby players all the way to the Olympics. It’s amazing to watch these guys play. Their wheelchairs are built like tanks, and for good reason too. They are ramming each other, knocking each other over, and getting banged up in the process. The story also has heart too, as you learn about each of their pasts and how they got into rugby.

You couldn’t have scripted a better plot, too. Joe Soares, a longtime star for the USA team finally starts to get older and slower and gets cut from the team. After suing the organization to try to get back on the team, he leaves to go coach the Canadian team, one of USA’s biggest rivals. Remember, this is all entirely true, the movie is a documentary.

The documentary was done by Think Films, the same folks who did Primer. Check it out.

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