Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 September 2005

You’re not Old, You’re Distinguished

My iPod, My Friend

I turned on my iPod this morning (just like I do every morning) for my commute to work, and alas! Three mysterious flecks appeared the screen!

I think my iPod found out about the iPod nano, and now he thinks he is old news. He thinks he’s past his prime, and it’s stressing him out.

“Black is the new black,” he whimpers to me, “I’m hideous!” Well, once I calmed him down he found his happy place and we made it through this morning without further incident. Those flecks remain though.

Well, I supposed it had to happen sooner or later. I’ve depended on this guy for nearly two hears years now, and for the past year now I’ve been listening to that thing every day while walking or biking to and from work. I use my iPod more than I use my car.

It still works just fine. The audio is fine, and all the buttons still work. But it might be time to save up for a replacement. Those new iPod nanos look super fine. And they are quite sturdy little guys.