Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

4 March 2005

We are back, but what time is it?

Let me say that, for me, flying west is easier than flying east. When we got to Germany just over a month ago, we felt pretty lousy. Coming back has been a little bit easier. The jetlag has bee tolerable.

So, how was the trip? Very good. I’d go back in a hearbeat (as long as someone else paid, I’m out of cash for the moment).

Switzerland was idyllic. It has breathtaking views unlike anything I’ve seen before. Mix in some amazing chocolate, delicious wine and scrumptous cheeze and you’ve got one heck of a country.

Belgium had something that no country I’ve ever visited has. Really good beer was completely ubiquitous. Every place I went for a meal, coffee, anything really; they all had really good beer.

In Germany we did a lot of driving and one thing that stands out (aside from getting to go really fast) is the complete lack of billboards. That’s right, billboards are illegal in Germany. Now I’m a guy who tends to like the government to stay out of my business, but this is one law I’d support in a heartbeat.

More about my trip soon, but I thought I’d at least stick my head above ground to say hi. Use the comments to fire off any questions if you have them. Stay tuned, much more from here.