Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

20 July 2006


eMusic I’d like to point out a new little feature to Wachtan. Down next to the flickr pictures is a section called “Watchtunes”.

Music has always been a deep passion of mine. Only in the past four or five years did I discover how important it was to me. I realized that not everybody cared as much as I did about music. Which is fine. Some people like juggling geese. I can respect that. But I don’t talk while you juggle geese, so don’t talk when I’m playing a song for you that just blew my mind.

A few months ago, my buddy Vance showed me eMusic, and, shortly after, I was hooked. eMusic is an online music store. Kinda like iTunes, but it’s cheaper and it uses MP3s, which means no digital rights management.

Aside from the really good bargain, I really like eMusic’s selection. They have a ton of indie music, much of which I can’t find on Amazon or the iTunes music store. In fact, I don’t think any of the major record labels are on there. They also have an extensive Classical section.

It’s for these reasons that I chose to become an eMusic affiliate. That means if you sign up for a free trial I get a little cash (Emphasis on little. For anybody who thinks I’m selling out, don’t worry. Watchtan is still a for-loss enterprise and will be for awhile now.) I figured, though, why just put a little banner on the site? How late 90s would that be? So I dreamed up Watchtunes: A little corner of the site where I point out amazing music that I discover and link to it on eMusic where you can sample it and whatnot.

It’s still taking shape. And I still have a few things to decide, such as: Should I put the posts from Watchtunes in the main RSS feed? Any opinions on that from you feedreader users? Actually, anybody who can give some feedback, I would appreciate you doing so. Thank you all.

[Update: I always do this. Dangit. I ask for comments and then I forget to turn comments on. Alas. They are on now, so by all means, comment away!]