Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

30 December 2004

UPS Madness

Five days ago I wrote a few posts about UPS and the fact that we just kept waiting for and waiting for a package that just wasn’t arriving. You’ll note the package did arrive. We had it sent 2 Day Air, but it took 9 days. That’s right. Nine Days. Why, you ask? Well, it’s due in no small part to this enormous snow storm that hit Arkansas. Oh and a little thing I like to call the complete incompetency of some, not all, UPS workers. Here’s, briefly, what happened.

Christmas Eve (Dec. 24): We noticed on the UPS Online Tracking that our package wasn’t going to make it to us, so I called them. I told them I understand about the weather and all, can they just get it to me in Colorado. They said they didn’t know why I didn’t get it, but, basically, sure. For whatever reason, someone requested that it be delayed till the 3rd.

Dec 27: We are in Colorado and notice that it’s not getting anywhere and Anna calls them. They say ok, not sure what happened, but we’ll get it to you, in Englewood, on the 28th, no problem. Great, we say.

Dec 28: No package. Someone tried delivering it in Little Rock. I call and the guy suggests Friday to get it to us in Englewood. I suggest tomorrow. He says he’ll ask his supervisor and call me back. But he doesn’t. A couple hours later, Reese from UPS called us. He says he noticed that our package was sitting there and not making it to us in Colorado. He had no idea that other people there were supposed to call us. So he talked to his supervisor, and his supervisor got it upgraded to Next Day Delivery.

Today, Dec 29: Hooray, it arrived!

I’m including a screenshot from the UPS Online Tracking, so you can see the crazy stuff it shows on the activity column. All this to say that lots of people at UPS, or their systems, are completely incompetent. On the other hand, Reese at UPS Little Rock, is the man. He got me my Christmas present about 12-14 hours after we talked to him. You da man, Reese.

UPS Madness