Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

2 August 2006


An Event Apart I’ve gotta get away from the computer and the buzz of everyday life. It’s been really busy here, with lots of freelance work, including some fun stuff to announce in the next week or two. It made for some late nights and groggy mornings.

I’m heading up to Seattle for a few days. My sister is getting married. It’s a beautiful town, with great people, coffee and beer. I always want to stay longer. I’m sure my heart will be reminding me that we’re halfway to Alaska. After that, Portland, then Missouri. It will be a good couple weeks.

Speaking of Seattle, I just booked my tickets for An Event Apart coming up in September. I’m really looking forward to attending and goofing off with fellow design nerds up there. This time I’ll bring my business cards, rather than leaving them on my desk at home. Well, that’s the plan anyway.