Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

15 July 2005

Too Busy to Work

I’ve decided to leave my job at Apple. It’s been a lot of fun working there. I really enjoy the people and the work. It’s so fun to see people get excited about doing fun stuff with their computers. The vast majority of the customers with whom I talked hadn’t ever used a mac before (or at least in the past 10 years). It was very fun.

But, I am getting burned out. Working two jobs while trying to keep some semblance of freelance work, not to mention a life and family, just wasn’t happening. I miss having Saturdays to myself. So I talked with my manager and he was very understanding. He told me the door’s always open if I want to come back.

New things on my horizon are some strong freelance jobs coming up and some professional writing. Both should be lots of fun. I’ll mention more on those as they come to fruition.

And I’ll say it now so I can commit myself to it, I do plan on getting my portfolio online so as to have a dedicated area for my freelance work. No timeframe on that yet.

In unrelated news, my bike was stolen sometime this winter or spring. Someone got into my garage and stole my bike. I didn’t realize it till this week. I had just purchased some new pedals for it and was hoping to tune it up and get into biking again. Imagine my disappointment to find there’s no bike for my pedals.

Also, tonight is the big Harry Potter party at the local bookstore. Some of you might remember two years ago Anna and I went to a tiny little bookstore in Haines, AK for the last Harry Potter book release party. This year, same story, different book, different bookstore. We’ll be at the Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek, if you want to say hi.