Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

20 March 2006


Greetings and welcome to the new Watchtan. I realigned the design here for a few reasons, but first, please indulge me by allowing be to share with you a bit of history.

In eight days, this blog will be entering the terrible twos. It started out with this design and then about eight months later I got bored and switched to this one, which suited my personality a bit better. Then I was pretty happy with it. About a year into version two, I realized that at no point in that time did I ever feel the need to redesign it. I wondered if something was wrong with me, as I don’t have a tendency toward that kind of contentment with my design.

Over time I did start to realize a few problems with the design of version two, and right around SXSW I really got the itch to fix it.

Over time, though, the purpose of this blog has changed, as have my desires for what to write about. I’ve decided to make this blog more a part of Be Good Not Bad. This blog has given me a significant amount of design work in the past and it only makes sense to make it a part of Be Good Not Bad, my freelance design site. Don’t worry, I’m not going to just turn this blog into some marketing tool. I just want to make more prominent the fact that I’m behind both Be Good Not Bad and this blog. This meshes with my other desire, which is to write more about design and web stuff.

That’s it, my friends. Watch this space, I have some other entries stewing in my noggin.