Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

10 April 2005

Things are Brewing

I’m taking a tiny bit of time to lay down some text to appease my “not posting” guilt a bit.

Ever since starting the new job things have been quite busy. Oddly enough it’s not because of the new job. I only have worked 2 days on the floor so far. Other life stuff is keeping me busy enough. It’s budget season at Job #1, and that’s keeping my mind on the brink, as we cut all sorts of things out of the budget, nobody gets what they want, people get grumpy, etc. It makes me hate being in leadership. But leadership isn’t all bad, these times it’s just tough.

In other news, I’m brewing a batch of beer right now while I type this. It’s looking and smelling delightful. I’m brewing it for our church Easter BBQ. What’s that you say? Easter? Yep. I go to a Greek Orthodox Church, and Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter later in the year than Western Christians. Anyway I saw the sign-up board for the BBQ, and I noticed that there was a Beer/Wine section, so I put myself down for a case.

Anna’s here in the kitchen too, she is making a shrimp and rice thing. She cut open a tomato and noticed that the seeds inside this tomato were sprouting into their own little tomato plants. Weird.

It’s snowing. It’s up to my knees, I just checked. We just paid a neighbor kid five bucks to shovel our walk. We could have done it ourselves, but the kid was so cute.