Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

7 May 2007

The Hive Cooperative, Coworking in Denver

When I started freelancing, I decided to make a go of it working from home and see how that went before jumping into some office space. I’m really glad I did. I found that I work well alone and enjoy the (lack of a) commute. Nonetheless, my ears did perk up when I found out that Andrew Luter was putting together a coworking place in Denver called The Hive Cooperative.

The Hive just opened this past week and I’m trying it out as an experiment to see if it jives with my working style. So far I’m loving it. I have a pretty nice little work area, and I’ve met some great people who are working there. The location is nice, just a fifteen minute bike ride away. It’s in a pretty groovy area of town – right on the platte river on the edge of downtown with lots of restaurants and pubs.

We’ll see how things feel once the place fills up. I’m really hoping it’s a good vibe in the office, with lots of collaboration, cool events, and good energy going on. If that’s the case, I’m in for good.