Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

31 July 2008

The Survey for People Who Make Websites 

My mates at A List Apart are conducting a survey for people who make websites. If you are a designer, developer, information architect, project manager, writer, editor, marketer, or in any way/shape/form involved in making websites, go now and spend five-to-ten minutes and take the survey. Last year nearly 33,000 people took the survey and loads of really important information came out of it. For 2008, A List Apart gave the survey a good overhaul, tweaking/fixing/improving lots of things, especially for us freelancers out there.

A List Apart: The Survey for People Who Make Websites This is an important time for this industry, as large companies are considering that maybe the website isn’t just an extension of the IT department, and maybe I can stop just checking “Other” for what industry I’m in when I’m filling out pretty much any form online. Data collected from The Survey goes a long way toward showing the world what’s going on behind the scenes of this internet people are so excited about.