Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 March 2006

SXSW Update

So far, SXSW has been a true delight. But good gravy, it’s stinkin’ hot here. Did anybody inform the South that it’s still WINTER? Sheesh? I know the people who live here get used to it. I used to live in southern Louisiana, and I adapted to the miserable humidity and awful temperatures. But that’s the point, I adapted over time. Stepping off the plane and walking around downtown in 90°F weather is a shock.

I’ve been hanging out with Mark Bixby a lot, and that’s been a treat. He and I had some chinese food, and got along quite nicely. This was somewhat a result of his Free Starbucks at SXSW post. On a side note, he told me all the people who responded to his post specifically asked to find a place other than Starbucks to hang out.

The panels have been awesome (a nice change from my last conference, AIGA in Vancouver), but as most people know, that’s only half of SXSW. The evening events have been, for the most part, a blast. Moreso than the panels, they really illustrate how huge SXSW is. The Frogdesign party last night was packed and loud. There’s no sensation quite like standing in line with a bunch of sweaty bloggers. The South by Northwest party was, thankfully, a bit smaller and indoors.

More later, just wanted to let you know how I’m enjoying things here in the heat. It’s half over, which is surprising. Both in that it feels like I just got here, but it also feels like I’ve done so much.