Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

20 August 2007

SXSW Panel : Finding a Niche vs. Doing it All


Back when working on the web first became a viable profession, designers had to do everything from branding to programming. It was a do-it-all type of job that definitely attracted a certain kind of mindset to the profession. Things have changed a bit since then, and people are often more specialized, doing a few things really well and finding others to partner with to do the rest.

Over the past year or so I’ve kind of done some ad-hoc interviewing of my colleagues finding out where they are on this spectrum between doing everything and finding a niche. Last year at SXSW I was encouraged by a few of my mates to participate in a panel along these lines, so I put together a panel submission. It will be a good discussion on doing it all vs. finding a niche.

I’ve spoken with and gotten a “yes” from the following brilliant minds to be on this prestigious pane: Mark Bixby, Scott Boms, Kevin Tamura, and Veerle Pieters. So if the topic alone wasn’t enough to get you to vote, seeing all these folks together might be.

Like last year, SXSW is crowdsourcing their panel picking, letting people vote for their favorites. This attracted a lot of heat last year, but I’ve been assured that the voting is only one component of their decision making for the 2008 panel lineup. Nonetheless, I’d absolutely appreciate your vote for my panel. Even if you’re not planning on attending SXSW, and just want to voice your opinion, I imagine your vote still counts.