Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

12 August 2005


I have a hard time believing summer is past its halfway point. It seems like he just got here, kicked off his shoes and I poured him a glass of beer.

Now he’s an old man already eyeing his watch and making a mental packing list.


We’ve had a houseguest or three for the past week and it’s been great. Aaron, of my name is garlic fame, arrived last Tuesday and stayed for a week, and Casey and Traci got here on Saturday. Casey and I visited two breweries, including the Avery 12th Anniversary Party, and did a lot of home tasting of fine brews as well.

It was a blissful escape from the day to day routine, and completely destroyed my internal “what day of the week is this?” clock.

On Saturday, Anna found out that her café is closing in a couple weeks. A few weeks previous to that she found out she was getting a promotion. Alas, what a twist.

Lots of stuff in the fermenter right now. It should be an interesting second half of summer.