Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

31 October 2006

Subtle Din

A Little to the Left

October was a total blur, ending now in a rather subtle din. Last night we had dinner with family at the historic Buckhorn Exchange the eminently non-vegan-friendly old hang out of Buffalo Bill. I enjoyed a plate of ostrich and elk, while my mom had some elk and buffalo. Tonight we’ll enjoy some pumpkin carving and fondue with friends.

Looking back on the month, it’s been packed with some fun stuff. We did a Method Arts project for the City of Albuquerque. Here’s the before page and I can’t wait to show you the after. Mark and I are working on a write up about the site. Currently we’re working on another fun project that will be a blast to write about when I have more to show, so sit tight and I’ll bring it to you asap.

Another highlight happened just yesterday. Chicago-based design company, Coudal Partners, the wacky bunch that they are, was holding a contest: Download a picture of their “field-tested books” poster, and pop it into a photo of somewhere in your house or studio where you would hang it. I did just that (see above), and won! Now Coudal is sending me a real version so I can replace the virtual one.

Coming up in November, I’ll be flying to Albuquerque for some meetings, Barcamp and I’ll probably pop in on World Usability Day. Also, I’ll teach Mark how to brew beer, and we’ll go hiking and shoot some photos.

Have a Happy Halloween, I’ll see you in November.