Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

1 April 2004

Subbing and Children

Anna is substitute teaching today. She’s enjoying it and I’m sure she’s really good at it. Better than I was when I did a few days teaching. She’s just good with children, which surprises me not in the least. That attracted me to her when I first kinda sorta was thinking I liked her.

We want to have kids sometime in the next few years. I have mixed feelings about it though. I look forward to having a little one crawling around, but I know how selfish I am with my free time. I like choosing what to do with my evenings. I like sleeping through the night without crying children, or “Daddy I had an accident in bed.”

Also, I take it for granted that whenever we decide we’re ready for kids, we can just start having them. I guess I like to boss God around. Many of my friends are having babies, but others aren’t, and can’t wait to have them. Which one will I be?