Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

5 May 2004

Stop Biting me. How Rude!

Sea lions. Truly a society without manners. The creatures make the most uncouth sounds and tend to lie around, crawling over each other, biting one another if it suits them.

Sea Lions Picture. On rocks, in Haines Alaska.

On Tuesday, after my radio show, we went with Matt and Holly, along with their young one, Mark, to go experience the sea lions. We hopped in Matt’s boat, armed with cameras and crackers (in case we get stranded) and rode on out to the rocks where they hang out (the sea lions, not Matt and Holly).

I’m so glad we went, as it was an amazing experience. Sea lions are very cool creatures, despite their tendency to smell bad and bite each other. They make a sound not unlike a pre-teenaged boy belching. Now imagine 200 pre-teenaged boys belching. You get the idea.

On the way back, we saw hundreds of ducks, a killer whale and a half dozen bald eagles. Wow.