Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

9 March 2010

See you at SXSW 2010


South by Southwest Interactive starts later this week, and it is shaping up to be a really nice event. Excitement is in the air as everybody at the office is packing and planning for Cogaoke, our yearly Karaoke party that we host at SXSW. In addition to that, there will be healthy representation from Happy Cog folk at panels too.

We F*cked Up: Happy Cog and Friends, Exploring Failures, Together hosted by Happy Cog elites Greg Storey, Greg Hoy, Kevin Hoffman as well as Wil Reynolds and Tracey Halvorsen.

ExpressionEngine 2.0: Total Domination hosted by, count them, four Happy Cog folk, including myself, Jenn Lukas, Mark Huot, and Ryan Irelan, alone with some handsome fella named Kenny Meyers who works at Virb.

Some other SXSW events I’m looking forward to are the Found Type Photo Walk and I hope to make it to the Kick-Ass premiere.

Best-laid plans aside, just like every year, I’m most looking forward to spending some quality time with people, having coffee and pints with friends, new and old. I hope to see you at SXSW Interactive 2010. It should be a really, really fun time.