Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

12 April 2007

Secret Window

We’ve been in the new house for over a month now. We still have much to do – lots of unpacking, cleaning, arranging and furniture purchasing. We’re having fun in the middle of it all. One fun thing about moving is that you discover plenty of new and interesting things about your new place over time. It’s a fun process of discovery.

Growing up, I always wanted to find a secret passage in my house. I figured I could hide in it when the bad guys showed up, and maybe sneak out of the house to call the cops and save my family. Alas, no secret passages were found, but thankfully I never needed to hide from any bad guys.

Just the other day Anna came upon by far the most mysterious discovery yet…

Sure, this looks like a normal window. And yet when you go inside and look out, all you see is a bathroom wall.

How bizarre is that? We have a secret window. If I didn’t like the bathroom I’d want to take a sledge to it just to see if there’s an alien mummy hidden in my walls. Hmm…