Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

2 June 2005

Revenge of the Vanagon

My wife and I saw Revenge of the Sith last night. My review: Worth seeing? Sure.

We also went camping with Aaron Orr this past weekend. It was the first time to get the Vanagon up to the mountains. We had nice comfy beds inside the van, and we cooked on the stove and kept stuff cold in the fridge. Sheesh, I must be a lightweight, I used to be a Boy Scout. I slept on the ground back then.

We did build a fire and cooked lots of our food on that too.

Everything wasn’t roses though. Whoever was at the site before us decided that breaking glass bottles and scattering the glass around the site was a good idea. We spent a good hour cleaning up the site before we unloaded. Our poor dog cut his paw too.

Despite that, we had a fantastic time. We went on a nice little hike on Saturday that surveyed some of the forest fire that was there a year or two ago.

Once we got back, we panicked because Aaron couldn’t find his keys to the borrowed truck he drove out to Colorado. We broke into the truck (a new experience for me, it turns out I’m handy with a coat hanger), but that didn’t help. In the end the keys were found.