Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

28 March 2009

Refresh Redux

A huge thanks to all who came out to Refresh Denver this week for the talk on Freelancing. We had a bit of a hiccup as Josh wasn’t able to make it. He sent me a text about an hour before I left the house saying that he would have to cancel since he was at the doctor finding out the gender of their baby (due this summer). Sounds like his priorities are right where they should be.

I sweated a bit while I reworked our presentation into notes on my moleskine, since I also found out, just then, that we might not have a projector.

Thankfully there was a fantastic turnout and you guys were extremely gracious, chiming in with lots of questions and comments. We got into a nice lively discussion, and it seemed like most everybody enjoyed themselves. I mentioned a few of the thoughts and points that Josh wanted to bring up, so he was there in spirit too (by the way, it’s a girl). So thank’s again, I had a great time!