Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

7 December 2004

Poor Rusty Dog

Anna called me this morning at work sounding pretty worried. Rusty (our dog) was feeling sick, throwing up and he couldn’t stand up well. Apparently he got into some trash and ate some plastic wrap. He threw up the plastic wrap, but we didn’t know if he had eaten anything else. He looked awfully pitiful, wobbling around when he stood up. I rushed home and we decided to take him to the vet. I had to carry him to the car.

The vet took a good look at him. He said, “Well you look like crap!” I’m pretty sure he was talking to the dog. They did an x-ray and things look pretty good; however they cautioned us that they can’t see everything with an x-ray. Most likely Rusty will be just fine and the worst is behind him. There are a few more grim scenarios that are possible too.

Now Rusty is home and he’s sleeping a lot. When I stand up, if he hears me, he stands up and follows me around the house. It’s really cute because he’s not really up to moving around quickly.

Sick Sleepy Rusty

Poor Rusty. He’s so cute and it’s awfully sad to see him hurting. I’m thankful he’s home and feeling better.