Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 October 2004

Phone Google

Try this: Create a text message on your phone that says something like “Starbucks 80113”. Send it to 46645 (that’s “GOOGL”). Soon you will get a message back with the first Google Local result with the address and phone number. Of course, you’ll be searching in Englewood, Colorado; but if you want the Starbuck’s nearby you, then you’ll probably want to put in your zipcode.

Google via SMS

Google has lots of new things it’s doing, as you probably know. For instance you can search for 42+9*5, and Google will do teh calculating for you. Even complex calculations such as cosine(180). You can also Google search for an address, and it will bring up Mapquest and Yahoo Maps links. But the cell phone search? That’s gotta be the coolest “new thing” that Google has done lately in my opinion.