Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

6 July 2004

Pedro the Lion Concert

We just got back from seeing Pedro the Lion at the Bluebird Theater here in Denver, Colorado. Wow, what an awesome show! The music was spot on, and David Bazan fielded questions from the audience, which is always a treat. He is a man who strives to be his true self while on stage.

After nearly every show on this tour, Pedro the Lion has been posting live cuts from the concerts. They record their music on an iBook that’s just sitting open on stage getting the live feed. Then, presumably, somebody picks a song from the show, trims it, and posts it up.

Like I said, a fabulous concert. The crowd was, for the most part, quiet and attentive, and the opening band (John Vanderslice) was top notch. If Pedro the Lion ever comes to town near you, you owe it to yourself to go.

Unrelated (sort of) note: When we went to the show, we parked behind a truck with alaskan license plates. Weird. We left them a note saying hello and caught them after the show. We chatted a bit and went home. Fun.