Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

27 December 2007

Paying for Twitterific 

Seth Dillingham posts a bit about Twitteriffic, a Twitter client I use pretty much all the time. He refers to it as making his one-man office “feel a bit like I’m working in a big room full of friends and other developers”. I couldn’t agree more.

Twitteriffic is free to use if you don’t mind Deck ads coming through the Twitter stream once an hour. Deck ads are pretty classy and unobtrusive. If you don’t want the ads to show up, buy Twitteriffic for $14.95. Sounds like a nice comprimise.

Some naughty person, eagerly anticipating coal in his stocking next year, posted a hack that strips out the ads. In response I just registered my copy. If you use Twitteriffic, I suggest you follow our lead and do the same.