Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

26 April 2004

Panhandle Picture Show

This weekend I attended the Panhandle Picture Show. Thirty-five short films screened over two days, along with talks and round-tables.

We had films that spanned the spectrum of quality and bizarre-ness. Some obviously were extremely well-funded, and others had well… no funding. We saw comedies, dramas, documentaries, mockumentaries, and of course, experimental. Some films felt like you were seeing something from Hollywood, some just felt like the filmmakers were trying out their video filters and effects.

The organizers of this affair did an exceptional job. They got a great response from all over the US, and even a few international entries. Bruno Coppola entered two short films. (Yes, that Coppola, as in Francis Ford and Sophia). We still had lots of locally produced films, but not as many as I would have liked.

I talked to the people who put together the picture show. They looked a little weary but they really enjoyed putting it together. This picture show is a great example of small-town people doing big things.