Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 July 2004

Our Bathroom

We painted our bathroom this weekend. Our house interior is in dire need of paint. The whole thing is just plain white. How boring is that?

So we took action, first painting the bathroom. Out with the white, in with the dark red. The woman at Home Depot wisely suggested we start with a red primer, so as to minimise the number of coats we apply. After one coat of primer, our bathroom was a dark sort of pink. One coat of dark red later, things were looking up. And after the next coat we were done. Not bad for a Saturday’s worth of work. Not to mention we went to a birthday party and a BBQ.

We used Behr paints, which are among the most expensive, but each gallon had a $10 rebate. Nice, high-quality, thick paint requires fewer coats, and lasts well in a humid room such as the bathroom. We still have a a wall that we intend on putting up some sort of accent color to keep it from being Oppressively Red (good name for a band, eh?).

Eventually, I’ll put up some pictures. The charger for our camera is hiding in a box or under the bed or something, and I can’t find it.