Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

13 November 2005

Of Dead People

So, I was signing up for MSN Groups today, and as I did, it was rejecting my suggested usernames, because all the good ones were taken. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, you sign up for some website with the user name of pants and it says “sorry, the username pants is already taken, would you like to select from the list of suggested names?” and it has a list such as:

  • pants123
  • pants1985
  • fancypants
  • coolpants

So, my name was misterwarren. Of course it was taken, so the ones it suggested were:

  • MisterWarren123
  • UrbanMisterWarren
  • CadavericMisterWarren

I kid you not. They suggest I associate my name with dead bodies.