Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

18 October 2011

Next Stop: EECI Brooklyn

Black and White of the Brooklyn Bridge

In a few short hours I board a train for New York, where I’ll be speaking at, and attending, EECI in Brooklyn.

I’ve never hung out in Brooklyn, so I’m looking forward to spending a couple days there. I’m also excited because I’ll be speaking at the conference about building client-friendly experiences in ExpressionEngine.

At Happy Cog everybody has lots of interaction with our clients. We don’t hide behind account people or project managers. Everybody is heavily involved. This works great for me, and I’m sure it’s partly influenced by my former life of being a business owner (I also come from a long line of entrepreneurs). This is why I become extremely invested in how my client is experiencing using what we build. And that’s why I picked this topic for my talk at EECI. We want our clients to be happy, and we want them to feel like we got their back. So come friday, I’ll spend some time talking about that. Can’t wait.