Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

17 May 2007

New Mouse, Arm in Sling

I just purchased a new mouse, the Logitech MX Revolution. It’s definitely a power user’s mouse, with lots of wheels and buttons. It goes to eleven. I had a few false starts getting it to work. Eventually I had to fire up bootcamp and pair the mouse with the receiver using Logitech’s application. I hope it’s worth it. I’ve never really had technical difficulties with a mouse before. I chalk the problem up to being that I bought it refurbished off of ebay.

So, now that the mouse works, I still cannot really use the thing. Why? Because my right arm is in a sling. I injured it in a cycling accident on my way into town on Friday. It’s not broken and yes, I was wearing my helmet (why does everyone always ask that? It was my arm!).

I’m healing fast and will have two usable arms early next week. In the meantime, I’m pursuing the challenges of typing one-handed.