Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

4 November 2005

New Cam and a Weekend Off

We got our very own Nikon D50 today. I had been using a D70 for all my shooting in Europe (see: A Big Camera), but it wasn’t my camera to begin with, my office owns it. Not only that, our video guy at the office has been hogging it for the past six months. So, we bought a D50, and it’s just great. There are a few differences between it and the D70, but after a quick glance at the manual, I was up and shooting pictures in two minutes.

Just in time too. This weekend, Anna and I are heading to Breckenridge for some time away. I can’t wait. We’re paying for the whole weekend with coins Anna’s gotten from tips at the cafe. Those things add up.

Anna has a bit of a more detailed description of what’s up so read up there to see just that.