Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

17 April 2008

My Work on NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire Icon - Really Big

Recently Brent Simmons put up the latest version of NetNewsWire which includes a small attribution to yours truly in the release notes. Settle down, settle down, return to your seats, people.

The little itty-bitty thing I worked on was the page that shows up in the web browser when you hit a page that either doesn’t exist or the browser can’t find for some reason (the internet is down, server is down, etc).

This is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of having my work included in someone else’s Mac software. The kinda funny thing is that it’s been in there for nearly two years! I first sent that file to Brent sometime around the summer of 2006.

The error page has gotten better and more savvy since then, as I occasionally update it whenever I either find a way to improve it or tweak something that’s been bothering me about it. Brent always slides it into the next private beta and it eventually makes it to the public.

Another small thing I worked on that nobody will notice is that I redid the credits page in the “About” box. (Go to menu item: NetNewsWire -> About NetNewsWire) When I was nosing around the resource files, I saw that the credits page was an html document so I went in, took out all the font tags and made it all standards compliant. While you’re looking at that, you can scroll about 30% down the list and see my name.

So, this is just one of the myriad things I do when I probably should be doing real work. Better than starting fires and playing in traffic, eh?