Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

15 February 2006


We watched Murderball the other day. Fantastic movie. I expected to like it and was still impressed beyond expectations. Definitely check it out.

Murderball is the original name for paraplegic rugby, and the documentary follows these rugby players all the way to the Olympics. It’s amazing to watch these guys play. Their wheelchairs are built like tanks, and for good reason too. They are ramming each other, knocking each other over, and getting banged up in the process. The story also has heart too, as you learn about each of their pasts and how they got into rugby.

You couldn’t have scripted a better plot, too. Joe Soares, a longtime star for the USA team finally starts to get older and slower and gets cut from the team. After suing the organization to try to get back on the team, he leaves to go coach the Canadian team, one of USA’s biggest rivals. Remember, this is all entirely true, the movie is a documentary.

The documentary was done by Think Films, the same folks who did Primer. Check it out.