Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

5 May 2005

Mr. Bones meet Smacky

I bought an iPod today. There are a few reasons that I did such a thing. I do already have an iPod (I named him “Smacky”) and I like it a lot. I spend lots of time on it every day. In fact I’ve used it so much over the past 18 months that I’ve worn out the ear buds. I haven’t worn out the battery though (still 10+ hours last I checked).

So reason number one was that I was looking around at getting new headphones. I thought about just getting the Apple ones again, and I briefly looked at really high-end headphones. Then it occurred to me that the iPod shuffle comes with ear buds, and I know I like those. And hey it comes with an iPod too!

The clincher was last night when I offered to lend my iPod to my father in law who is wanting to record some speeches with a voice recorder. So I went down to the Apple store and picked up an iPod Shuffle and an iTalk. Anna named the shuffle “Mr. Bones.” I’ll send off my iPod to him tomorrow and I’ll be putting the Shuffle to the test for my daily walk to and from work.