Be Good Not Bad by Brian Warren

5 February 2007

Moving to Edgewater

Our New House

Two and a half years ago we bought our first house. It’s a very nice little bungalo in an old part of Englewood, Colorado, built in 1912. We’ve really enjoyed living in our own house. After living at a bed and breakfast, having only a single room in the house to ourselves, it was a liberating feeling to spread out a bit.

Now we are moving again. We are buying a house in Edgewater, another cool old area just barely west of denver. Edgewater is just one square mile in size and has a lot of small town feel to it, despite being surrounded by the sprawl of the Denver metro area. Our new house isn’t huge but it is quite a bit bigger than our current one. It will allow us to grow a bit and also keep a good office for me. A nice big garage is out back allowing for a more permanent homebrewing area.

As we’ve discovered, it’s a terrible time to be selling a house, and as you would imagine, a fantastic time to be buying. So we figured we would do one and not the other. We’re putting our current house up for rent.

All this is new and exciting for us. We feel like we might be just a tad nuts to attempt so many adventures all at once. However, it’s also all made a lot of sense. It’s risky but everything is falling into place nicely. Business is great and we got a killer deal on the house.

Things are ridiculously busy though. We need to pack up our house, find a renter, close on the new house, move. All good things. Some are even fun. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow down and just be thankful for it all.